September issue 3

Naivasha Horticultural fair 2010

Naivasha Horticultural Fair 2010 was held on 10th and 11th September at the Naivasha Sports Club attracting many visitors from Kenya, Netherlands, Ethiopia Uganda and others. The event sponsored by Kenya Commercial Bank. Naivasha is not only scenic and central but it is home to one of the largest horticultural communities in East Africa.
Money collected from the show, is donated to local and national charities with a focus on, but not limited to, caring for women and children; Children homes; community clinics; HIV/AIDS projects; schools and hospitals.  Other desperate cases that are assisted on a case by case basis include IDP’s; medical emergencies; supply of desks to local schools and disease eradication schemes, making a huge impact on livelihoods of varied communities.

Kenya Flower Council participated at the fair. The stand was elegantly and beautifully decorated by the Flower Vendors with the assistance of Mukungi Floriculture small scale growers from Kinangop. The flowers used were kindly provided by Wildfire, Roseto, Lake Flowers, Nini farm and Homegrown. Other KFC members who participated included Syngenta East Africa Ltd, Elgon Kenya, Bayer, Hardi Kenya, Chrysal Africa, De Ruiter, and Lake Naivasha Growers’ Group among others.

Meeting between Minister for agriculture and industry

The horticulture industry (KFC AND FPEAK) met the Minster of Agriculture, Hon Dr. Sally Kosgei EGH; MP on 23rd August 2010 and discussed various issues affecting the industry, these included:

  • Increase of levy by KEPHIS– it was mentioned that KEPHIS had consulted with the stakeholder and agreed on a charge of 20 ct instead of 50 ct per kg and 200 Kshs for a certificate.
  • Promotions– HCDA would be allocated a fund to aggressively promote the sub-sector in major emerging markets.
  • Competitiveness of Kenya’s horticulture – HCDA would be provided with funds to provide strategic planning for new markets – this would involve doing competitiveness studies to identify potential for expansion; markets and market trends; new products – trade flow analysis and emerging markets. These competitiveness studies should compliment what is already known (by HCDA, EPC) and would start with desk research.
  • Competent Authority – a central competent authority is required to ensure industry compliance through an efficient and effective system so as to secure the Kenyan market share.
  • Fruit fly management – a committee comprising of KARI, KEPHIS, HCDA, FPEAK and PCPB has been set-up. It was reported that the South African Authorities were to come and verify progress done by Kenya. KARI need to circulate the protocol developed.
  • Smallholder production – there is need to strengthen collaboration on extension work.
  • Freight charges – 30 to 50 % of the charges of doing business are attributed to freight charges.  Hence the need to initiate a meeting of ministry of trade, freight companies and ministry of agriculture at the highest level possible, to identify strategies to  reign in the costs.

The National Taskforce on Horticulture meeting

A National Taskforce on Horticulture meeting was held on 9th September 2010 at ASCU Mini-Conference Hall, Kilimo house. During the meeting, a progress report of the taskforce was presented and covered the period from April to August 2010. It was reported that the main activity had been linked to the ongoing horticulture policy development. The policy has been aligned to the vision 2030.

A consultative meeting linked to the comments on the policy by the taskforce members would be held on 30th September 2010.

The forum also welcomed the new director of KHCP-USAID, Mr. Ian Chesterman

Promotional trade fairs –Amsterdam

The Horti Fair 2010 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands is scheduled from 12th to 15th October 2010. HCDA and the industry will be staging a Kenyan stand. The Amsterdam fair is key to Kenya’s flower industry as most of our flowers go through auctions in Netherlands.

Kenya continues to position itself in all important trade fairs and promote horticultural opportunities in our country. Other key shows targeted in emerging markets or growth markets include Japan (IFEX Japan), Germany, USA, Middle East and Russia.

In the meantime, FloraHolland flower auction stand will be number 01.0324 in hall one and have organized press program during the fair and will be as follows:

On Tuesday 12 October or Wednesday 13 October interviews on the following subjects will be conducted:

  • FloraHolland in a rapidly changing global market (interview with CEO Timo Huges or CCO Arnold Hordijk).
  • Current developments in the international supply chain (interview with Ard Reijtenbagh, Import manager).
  • The FloraHolland Trade Fair Aalsmeer 2010 (interview with Mark-Jan Terwindt, manager of FloraHolland Connect).
  • E-business at FloraHolland is gathering pace (interview with Dirk Hogervorst, location manager of FloraHolland Rijnsburg and digitalization coordinator).
  • Sustainable logistics through smarter and more sustainable transport (interview with Edwin Wenink, Supply Chain Development manager at FloraHolland).
  • Water footprint: working towards chain-wide initiatives and solutions for growers, retailers, wholesalers, garden centers and florists (interview with Mark-Jan Terwindt, manager of FloraHolland Connect).
  • Presentation of FleurPrimeur Rose: Wednesday 13 October at 3:00pm at the FloraHolland stand. FleurPrimeurs are new products with a proven vase life that are available in sufficient quantities via FloraHolland.

A personal appointment on any subject of interest can be arranged. For more information contact Adriënne Lansbergen, senior communications consultant / press officer, FloraHolland flower auction on

International Flower Expo (IFEX 2010)

The 7th International Flower Expo (IFEX 2010) will be held from 28th to 30th October 2010 at Makuhari Messe in Japan. Going by the enthusiasm shown by buyers at the Kenya booth, the Embassy of Kenya in Tokyo has reserved ten booths each measuring 3X2.7 meters with an aim to assist the flower industry under KFC to market Kenya flowers. This arrangement aims at having a pavilion that will be a one-stop-shop rather than having exhibitors scattered all over.

The cost of the stand will be as below:

10 (3×2.7m) booths 4,030,000 Yen @400,00 per booth
Booth decorations 2,000,000 Yen
Flower arrangement 920,00 Yen
Interpreters 750,000 Yen @ 5 interprets for 3 days

HCDA will contribute Kshs 700,000 towards the budget and the remaining will be shared equitably by the participating farms. All contributions towards the total budget will be collected together and remitted directly to the organizers by wire transfer. Account details of the organizers, Reed Exhibitions Ltd are as follows:




HCDA will also cater for the shipping cost. KFC is working closely with HCDA and we will give you more updates as they come. The next preparatory meeting will be held on Tuesday 21st September 2010 at 10am at the HCDA head offices JKIA.

Those interested to participate can get in touch with KFC as soon as possible to enable the embassy release the booths that will not be required and pay for the booths needed.

Nominations for Innovation Award 2010 announced

Ten new products being introduced at the Horti Fair 2010 have been nominated by the international jury of experts for the prestigious Innovation Award (in partnership with Reed Business).

  • Anthura B.V. (stand nr. 01.0330): Anthurium Andreanum Fire XL®;
  • Bercomex B.V. (stand nr. 01.0424): Generieke Bosmachine GBM;
  • Berg Product B.V. (stand nr. 01.0331) BergBand;
  • CleanGrow Ltd. (stand nr. 04.0226): Multi-Ion Meter;
  • Crea-Tech International (stand nr. 01.0118): Gerobotiseerd opslag- en orderverwerkingssysteem;
  • HortiMaX B.V. (stand nr. 01.0517): HortiMaX CropView;
  • Jenbacher BV (stand nr. 01.0206) J624 2-stage turbocharged;
  • Klimrek Producten (consortium met Havecon, Horticoop, De Vette, Clean Light en Koppert, stand nr. 04.0128): Verticale Gewasbescherming;
  • Koppert Biological Systems (stand nr. 04.0314): Complete range van nieuwe producten: Aphipar-M, Capsanem, Citripar, Distribug, Macro-Mite, Natufly, Rollerfix;

Frans van Zaal Totaal Techniek (stand nr. 01.0118): Van Zaal Container Dompel Systeem.

South Florida flower businesses to merge

By: Sunsentinel news

Two 20-year-old flower businesses Field of Flowers, and Trade winds, Wholesale Florists in South Florida are combining operations to reduce costs in an economy where flowers are less of an impulse buy.

This is second acquisition for Field of Flowers since last year, when it acquired a Miami-Dade County flower business.

Voice Controlled Distribution System Selected
By:  FloraHolland

After weeks-long tests and trials, FloraHolland has chosen to introduce the 3iV Crystal Voice Picking System from the specialized firm Zetes, to manage the orders distribution at the Naaldwijk auction. The system is aimed to make the distribution process faster, more efficient, and with minimal errors. The worker gets instruction through a headset, from an automatic voice orders system.  The system is expected to be installed in Naaldwijk this year, and then in Bleiswijk next year. You may watch the film, demonstrating how it works, at this link:

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