October 2010 Issue 1

Issue 1 October

Shared risk and Opportunity in Water Resources: Seeking a Sustainable Future for Lake Naivasha

It is said Lake Naivasha is the most researched lake in the World!  While it is important to note that the lake waters are back to commendable levels, the recent drought situation in the Lake Naivasha Basin put severe strain on the lake’s ecosystem and water resources.  This is attributed to a range of causes related to over abstraction in the basin, destruction of the lake wetlands, e.t.c.  This has put the lake under intensive scrutiny over concerns about how its environmental integrity can be maintained whilst still supporting a valuable and growing economy and society.

To strengthen the ongoing interventions on the lake, WWF in collaboration with key stakeholders in the basin, especially Lake Naivasha Water Resource Users Association (LANAWRUA), and other Water Resource Users Associations (WRUA) in the basin agreed to a joint immediate action plan to address the most urgent water management issues and take appropriate and constructive responses to the threats at hand to avoid similar disaster in the future.

On 27th September 2010, WWF converged a stakeholders meeting in Naivasha to present findings and results from a study on the risks that different stakeholders face from the ongoing environmental situation in Lake Naivasha.  The said risks are shared by the immediate users, national government and the economy of Kenya.  These arise from the primary risk of deterioration of the lake’s water quality, quantity, and ecosystems, leading to secondary risks such as reputational loss, withdrawal of existing investments and loss of future investment potential.  These have potential consequences including loss of jobs, foreign earnings e.t.c.  The risks could be categorized as:-

  • Bio-physical risk related to the water resources and ecosystem of the basin
  • Socio-political risk related to perceptions of inhabitants of the basin
  • Regulatory risk associated with governance at a local and basin scale
  • Reputational risk around requirements on products from the basin
  • Investment risk linked to increasing requirements of financial institutions
  • Economic-financial risk due to impact of these other risks

The findings from this study are expected to create a common case for collaborative action at all levels in creating synergies to mitigate these risks.  This can however only be realized by appreciating the fact that risks on environmental, social, political and economic problems require action by all, through a strengthened collaboration amongst stakeholders and multi-stakeholder dialogue.

It is worthwhile to note that although water scarcity and climate change has become an international debate hitting headlines, individuals and corporates are becoming more pro-active on water issues on realization that water is not substitutable.

The future of Lake Naivasha and other water bodies largely lie on Good Natural Resource Governance and Good Water Stewardship, based on science and economic facts which inform concrete actions on better water use by individual stakeholders.

To view the full report, click here Shared risk and Opportunity in Water Resources: Seeking a Sustainable Future for Lake Naivasha


Marks and Spencer organized a conference in Kenya on 24th September to inform the suppliers its values as it carries out its business which the participants were informed as trust and quality. The participants were informed that its business plan aims at ensuring sustainability in usage of energy, water and food.

The strategy applied in the plan was introduced in 2007 to make at least 100 changes within a period of 5 years. The plan ensures protection of the natural environment and ethical trading. Marks and Spencer expressed concern over the fact that water availability is getting scarce per person per year and net loss of the forests.

During the function KFC Member Homegrown (K) Ltd was awarded 1st position on “The leading company in Kenya on the sustainability in use of resources and protection of the natural environment”.

The award was given by the Minister for Environment and Mineral Resources Hon. John Michuki.

The Minister also performed the official opening of the conference with a speech which gave details on how the country is dealing with environmental challenges from sewage pollution, to protection of the water catchment areas. The minister informed that there is a government project starting this year to restore Lake Naivasha catchment areas.

Horti Fair 2010 – 12 to 15 October Amsterdam RAI

The HortiFair 2010 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands is scheduled from 12th to 15th October 2010. HCDA and Kenya Flower Council will be staging a Kenyan stand number 05.0209. The Amsterdam fair is key to Kenya’s flower industry as most of our flowers go through auctions in Netherlands.

Kenya continues to position itself in all important trade fairs and promote horticultural opportunities in our country. Other key shows targeted in emerging markets or growth markets include Japan (IFEX Japan), Germany, USA, Middle East and Russia.

International Flower Expo IFEX (28th-30th 2010)

The 7th International Flower Expo (IFEX 2010) will be held from 28th to 30th October 2010 at Makuhari Messe in Japan. Going by the enthusiasm shown by buyers at the Kenya booth, the Embassy of Kenya in Tokyo has reserved ten booths each measuring 3X2.7 meters with an aim to assist the flower industry to market Kenya flowers. This arrangement aims at having a pavilion that will be a one-stop-shop rather than having exhibitors scattered all over.

The cost of the stand will be as below:

10 (3×2.7m) booths 4,030,000 Yen @400,00 per booth
Booth decorations 2,000,000 Yen
Flower arrangement 920,00 Yen
Interpreters 750,000 Yen @ 5 interprets for 3 days

The 2nd preparatory meeting on IFEX was held on 28th September 2010 at HCDA head office at the JKIA.

After a lot of deliberations by the meeting, it was agreed that there is need to divide the total cost amongst the three entities that is the Flower growers, HCDA and the Embassy.

It was suggested that the number of interpreters be increased to 10 in order to have an interpreter for each grower. In this respect, the cost of interpreters will be increased to 1,500,000/- Yens.

In this regard, the total cost of the Kenya stand will be 8,450,000/- Yens. The meeting agreed to contribute to the Kenya stand cost and share equally the  total cost of 8,450,000 yens by dividing into the three entities as follows:-

1.         The Kenya Embassy in Japan                                      2.8 Million ¥

2.         Horticultural Crops Development Authority              2.8. Million ¥

3.         The flower growers                                                    2.8 Million ¥

The growers will share the cost of 2.8 million Yens and having a plan of 10 growers exhibiting, this then translates to 280,000 yens per exhibitor payable to HCDA.

The following confirmed their participation and contribution:

  1. Suera Flowers
  2. Simbi Roses
  3. Magana flowers
  4. Mosi / Transbel Ltd


HCDA will liaise with the Kenya Embassy in Japan in order to get invitation letters for visa application. The will also link up with the Foreign Affairs in order to assist the growers to process their visa.  All participants should send their details to HCDA (Email Florence Jelagat on flojelagat@yahoo.com, fjelagat@hcda.or.keor to kfc@wananchi.com .
Growers interested should confirm their participation to KFC as soon as possible.

International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF) 2010

International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF) 2010 will take place on 3rd to 5th November 2010 in Haarlemmermeer, Vijfuizen, Netherlands a venue which was originally designed for the 2002 Floriade Exhibition.

Floriade Exhibition venue is a state-of-the-art greenhouse which is only 15 minutes/10 km away from Aalsmeer flowers Auction site. The show is completely dedicated to promote fresh flowers shops owners and florists in Netherlands for international floriculture standards.

To boost up the industry of Flowers in Netherlands it has been announced by International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF) to launch a new trade fair for flowers in Netherlands.

This Event will definitely bloom all the visitors, participants, flowers shops owners, florists in Netherlands.

Kenya Flower Council will be participating in the show with stand number C68.7.

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