October 2010 Issue 2


The Board of Directors, the Management and the Staff of Kenya Flower Council is deeply saddened by the death of its immediate former Chairman, Mr. Kabuya, who passed on Thursday, 30 September 2010.

Mr Kabuya steered the council on taking over in 2008 as chairman from Hon. Erastus Mureithi, who handed over the chairmanship after becoming a Member of Parliament.

Mr. Kabuya returned the chair to Hon. Mureithi early this year after retiring from the flower business.

He was the managing director of Beverly Flowers, and during his tenure, KFC made a number of strides which include the following:

The KFC Quality Management System and Code of Practice was  accredited to ISO/IEC Guide 65 Certification by South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) in October 2008, becoming the only grower association in the world with capacity to conduct internationally recognized flower farm audits;

The KFC Quality Management System was also benchmarked and approved as equivalent to the GlobalGap Integrated Farm Assurance in April 2009;

Six producer farms and 17 associate members joined KFC membership during his term;

The Council became more active in industry promotions and expositions in the market place, mainly in Europe and also in other emerging markets where it exhibits at trade fairs primarily to profile its dogma for self-regulation. These include the flower days in Germany, World Floral Expo (Miami, US), 4th TICAD (Tokyo, Japan), Hortifair Amsterdam, Kenya Flower Day in Holland, IFEX Japan- where it mounted a Kenya stand;

Locally, the council participates in a number of exhibitions such as Hortifair organized by the Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya, Hortec East Africa and the Naivasha Horticultural Fair;

The KFC amplified the ‘Soko la Maua’ initiative, aimed at promoting a local culture for flowers with flower vendors, through a training workshop and an exhibition at the Sarit Centre;

The Kenya Flower Council endeavors to protect the interests of  members and to promote fair legal and honorable practices in the operations of the flower sector through dialogue with the Government and other stakeholders, whose mandates address private or public regulations; production and productivity; market information and market access;

KFC proactively participated in the international debate on Carbon Dioxide Emissions, Flower Miles, Airmiles and Carbon Foot Print;

The Council was an integral partner in the launch of the ‘Grown Under the Sun’ campaign, aimed at demonstrating that by buying African produce, British consumers would be buying green while also helping to pull millions of people out of poverty;

He championed the clamour for recognition of flower farms as Special Economic Zones, that is still under consideration. If this succeeds, the flower industry will finally take a break from the numerous taxes it is subjected to, eroding its efficiency and profits.

All Mr. Kabuya’s talk and enthusiasm gave the rest of us what we needed most – and that was leadership. He was the quarterback in a drive that took us from a dream to a reality….the reality of this fine building we will enjoy for years.

It’s therefore encouraging to see so many people honoring our good friend and neighbor, Mr. Kabuya Muito. Even though we are of many different ages and have all kinds of jobs and interests, it is certain that we all have one thing in common:  our admiration of a man who never quit until the job is done.  That man, of course, is Mr. Kabuya Muito.

May God rest his Soul in Eternal Peace and give his family the Peace and Strength to handle this difficult period of the Departure of the loved one.

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