October 2010 Issue 5

KFC Annual General Meeting- 22nd October 2010

The Kenya Flower Council held its annual general Meeting on 22nd Oct 2010. We sought to make the day as productive and interesting as possible for those who attended.


Officers from KRA were invited to make a presentation and field questions, first hand from the growers. Issues to follow up are;

–          VAT Refunds – KRA expressed that farms were regularly getting letters from KRA as to the status of their VAT refunds. However this is not the reality on the ground.

–          Export Documentation & C63s-any transfer of flowers from one grower to another in Kenya for onward export will be considered a local sale. The request is that a system be put in place whereby the Growers can themselves get a C63 from Customs

–          GSP/EURO1’s – the KRA until the meeting were not aware of the problems being faced by growers who ship to many clients / locations in a day where each individual shipment needs its own form and with some Growers this means they need several 100 EURO 1 forms a month. The officer in-charge can be reached on the following contacts incase of any difficulties in obtaining the forms:

Mr. John Gathatwa


Tel: 0722 875 134

Office No. 2817131/2

–          Transfer Pricing

–          Capitalization of Royalties payable to breeders.

–          The sensitization meetings between Growers & KRA to continue

The KRA invited the Kenya Flower Council to engage them in discussions and also make proposals for consideration by the Treasury through the KRA. KRA invited the Council to nominate a representative to sit in the in the Duty Remission committee which sits once a month.

KFC is drafting proposals to KRA. Growers are invited


Mr. Wilfred de Wit, CEO Flowers Online made a presentation on an online marketing platform developed by his company. The Flowers Online provides a virtual private market where Buyers & Sellers of Flowers can conduct business. Flowers online offers a long term, independent, complete, global system for procurement, logistical and marketing purposes for floral companies at a non-commission based, very competitive and fair price.

Flowers online wants to engage the KFC members collectively so that they benefit from the economies of scale when subscribing. Demos of the trading platform are available on http://www.flowersonline.net.


A group from Spain led by the managing director Hydroflomen SI Company presented a water purification technology invented by a Spanish Scientist which involves purification of water using Macrophytes Filters (Filters Macrophytes Technology).

The FMF system is used to purify heavy metals, nitrates, phosphates and organic matter from waste water using the macrophytes. The variety of species used is determined based on the environment, type and amount of pollutants. The natural physiology of the macrophytes allows them absorb oxygen. The oxygen is then transported to the roots and thus allows for high population and flourishing of bacteria that feed on the organic toxins. The plant uses the inorganic toxins e.g. nitrates and phosphates as fertilizers.

FMF prevents the macrophytes from developing big roots; it contains the plant within designed pods which assists the macrophyte in floating allowing the water to filter freely


  • It is eco-friendly and uses very little energy and produces no toxic wastes in the water purification process.
  • Its maintenance costs are lower compared to conventional water treatment plants. It can be six to ten times lower.
  • It achieves up to 99%purification compared to up to 84% purity in conventional sanitization.
  • Construction time can 6-8 months compared to conventional method which can take up to 1.5 years
  • The technology is less mechanized it only needs the floating macrophyte filters.

Kenya Horticulture Competitive Project launched

The USAID funded project Kenya Horticulture Competitive Project (KHCP) was launched on 15th October 2010 at KARI conference centre Loresho. The event was graced by the Minister for agriculture Hon. Dr. Sally Kosgey.

The project, a five year program, is an initiative to help small farmers and allied agribusinesses take advantage of local, regional and global market opportunities. It is designed to improve productivity and food security and strengthen local and domestic horticulture supply chains focusing on:

–          enhanced productivity

–          Increased value-addition

–          Improved value chain coordination, marketing and trade promotion

–          Improved business environment and institutional capacity.

KHCP is adopting a comprehensive Value Chain and Good Agricultural Practices (VC+GAP) approach to optimize productivity, market access and income for small-scale farmers.

–          Target crops

–          Fruit

–          Vegetables

–          Root crops

–          Flowers

–          Nuts and food

Geographic coverage and regional offices;

Central – Thika; Coast- Mombasa; Nyanza-Kisumu; Rift valley- Eldoret; Western – Bungoma; Eastern – Kibwezi.  Farmers, farmer groups, and related companies, interested in participating are encouraged to contact project offices directly.

KHCP interventions and services include product diversification, Market diversification, technology, market intelligence, standards, infrastructure, policy and smallholder business development (Trainings)


The Kenya –Dubai week 2010 is scheduled to be held between 6th and 12th December 2010. The exact dates will be communicated soon.  The preparatory meetings are underway at the Ministry of Foreign affairs. KFC is sits in the meetings.


A sub-committee headed by the Ag. Head/Public Affairs and Communications of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been formed to guide the main committee on publicity of the event both in Kenya and UAE.


The total budget will be provided later.  However, during the meeting it was suggested that the cost of common services such as publicity, holding of receptions and press conferences be shared.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is communicating with the Kenya Airways for special rates on tickets and cargo. During the meeting it was suggested that the travel date will be on 3th and come back on 10th for the business community to reap from the event. The exact dates will be communicated after the final draft programme has been formulated.


Participants will exhibit at the Global Village and Brand Kenya Board will decorate the stand.


Members interested in participating in the event are requested to send their details for visa processing by 2nd November 2010 to KFC. The participants will meet 300 members of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, who have expressed interest in trading with Kenya at the Chambers venue in Dubai among others.

Please forward any questions and/or concerns to KFC for presentation in the subsequent preparatory meeting.

The next preparatory meeting will be held on 2nd November 2010 at KICC 19th Floor

AGROTEC-EMRC International Business Forum- 20 to 21 January 2011

The first edition of the “AGROTEC-EMRC International Business Forum co-organized by EMRC and the Portuguese Industrial Association – Business Confederation (AIP-CE), will be held in Lisbon, Portugal from 20 to 21 January 2011, in conjunction with the AGROTEC Fair 2011 (20-23 Jan).

The “AGROTEC-EMRC International Business Forum 2011” is organized in the framework of the 2011 edition of the AGROTEC Fair and will focus on the theme: “Boosting Innovation along the Agricultural Value Chain”.

EMRC is an international non-sustainable economic development in Africa, and trade relations.

The Forum will promote the creation of business partnerships and encourage new project creation through its Plenary Sessions, Interactive Workshops, One-on-One Business Meetings (using special software that matches the interests and needs expressed by participants) and Informal Networking Events.

The AGROTEC Fair 2011 showcases the latest agrarian innovations by displaying the most advanced machinery and agro-equipment.

The registration fee is 950.00 Euros; there will be a special early-bird reduction of 20% for full payment received before 15 November 2010. EMRC and AIP-CE Members also benefit from a further reduction of 150.00 Euros.

The registration fee includes:

–          2 days Business Forum

–          Access to arranged Bilateral meetings

–          Access to the 4-days Agrotec Fair

–          EMRC consular (VISA) assistance

–          Dinner; Luncheons; coffee breaks  & Farewell Cocktail

We are happy to inform you that by participating in the Forum you will also have FREE access to the FAIR and take the opportunity to meet the Agro Equipment Companies exhibiting at the fair.

For any queries, please contact Nicky Mundabi on nm@emrc.be or Caterina Giuliano at cg@emrc.be.

Flowers & HorTech Ukraine 2011

The 6th International Ukrainian Exhibition for Flower Business, Horticulture,
Nurseries, Landscape design and Floristry, Flowers & HorTech Ukraine 2011 will be held from 12th to  14th April 2011, IEC, Kiev, Ukraine
Flowers & HorTech Ukraine is designed to be the ideal platform to conduct business and exchange information and experiences in the international environment of Kiev.

Besides professionals from all regions of Ukraine also more and more professionals from Russia are visiting Flowers & HorTech Ukraine to establish new business contacts and obtain market information.

During the next edition of Flowers & HorTech Ukraine the exhibition will take place in Pavilion 2 of the IEC. Previously the exhibition was planned in Pavilion 3. The reason for this change is that Pavilion 2 gives the organizers, the possibility to increase the Floor plan as they had already met their limits in the other pavilion.

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